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Race times - Catrina - 20-11-2020

Just booked for classic 2021. Leaving for home on 30th August but hoping to see some racing on that day but flight times early and ferries non existent. Does anyone know what time the races are scheduled for that day?

RE: Race times - captainsparkledotcom - 20-11-2020

This was the schedule for 2020 -
Monday 31st August 2020 - Race Day 2 Schedule

Free Practice (All CTT Classes – 1 Lap)
11:15 Junior Classic TT Race (3 laps)
Classic Racer Magazine Classic TT Lap of Honour (1 lap)
RST Superbike Classic TT Race (4 laps)
MGP Newcomers Race (4 laps)

But the way things are going you may end up seeing the TT races instead!

RE: Race times - Norts1531 - 31-01-2021

I had a trip to the IOM booked with the missus just for a weekend away. Due to all this Covid fiasco we've had to change the dates three times now. The last time we had to change them the TT had already been cancelled, so I asked the good lady to rearrange the dates to cover a bit of the Classic TT Races. Just crossing our fingers now that we can go over on these dates (last weekend in August) and actually get to see some bikes flying round. She's never been to a TT, so hoping that this trip will go ahead and I get her hooked on the bikes!!!!!