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Team Roundhay & Steve Gibbons! - Team Roundhay - 04-04-2022

Team Roundhay has been quiet for a while but we've been busy arranging a fantastic night in the Villa Marina Colonnade Suite on Senior Race Day, Friday 10th June, from 7.30pm.

We're really excited to tell you that the Steve Gibbons Band (who need no introduction) have joined us for that night to raise much needed funds for…
The Rob Vine Fund - a voluntary charity providing medical & rescue care, equipment and training for doctors, paramedics and others involved in the TT and most motorsport on the Isle of Man.

The Band have a great night lined up for us and they're all excited to be back at the TT


The Firework Display…will be fizzing over the bay later that night - and we have a private front row view from the balcony away from the crush of the crowds!

Tickets are £25 and we expect tickets will go quickly. Please support us and get yours now!

Online from or call them on 600555.

With many, many thanks to Steve Gibbons, Johnny, Howard and Simon for personally supporting Team Roundhay and the Rob Vine Fund to make this happen.

Team Roundhay x

[Image: 2bd458c6ebd6157cf0e014057f257a6edf5b4d25...77b5623807]

Team Roundhay & Steve Gibbons - UPDATE - Team Roundhay - 28-05-2022

Thank you VERY much to everybody who bought tickets - we’ve SOLD OUT already!  Thank you for supporting the Rob Vine Fund. I’m so sorry for those who were going to get tickets but left it too late - catch you for the next Team Roundhay event hopefully!

Meanwhile, for anyone who missed out on tickets, (or wants to see Steve Gibbons Band for a second time), they are playing the following night
The Legion is a fabulous friendly venue for those who haven't been before and they always have lots of live music. Well worth a visit.

Please call them direct for tickets on 675217.

Team Roundhay x