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ben-my-cree - boon345 - 27-04-2022

Any body know why the ben is in liverpool docks .been there for a few days

RE: ben-my-cree - captainsparkledotcom - 27-04-2022

Been wondering that myself, watched the Mannannan coming into Heysham yesterday, about 10.15, while walking the dog & I told my wife, but she wasn't that bothered!  Confused 
i know they used to refurb her every 2 years or so, but I thought that was earlier in the year, and there's supposed to be that new boat next year...

RE: ben-my-cree - Chris_Sav - 27-04-2022

Normal statutory annual refit I would hazard a guess at, off until 10th May

RE: ben-my-cree - civ - 28-04-2022

Annual service in the gap between the Manannan coming out of winter hibernation and TT

RE: ben-my-cree - captainsparkledotcom - 09-05-2022

She arrived back in Douglas about half an hour ago, according to website, should be back to normal duties tomorrow.

RE: ben-my-cree - Chris_Sav - 09-05-2022

Yes she's on the outer side of the wall on the Manx Radio web cams.

Probably some MCA certification needing to be renewed today.