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Viewing at The Bungalow - Gleesy - 27-04-2022

Hi everyone. Just wanted some opinions on viewing the TT racing from The Bungalow. Does anybody recommend it? And are there any facilities i.e toilets for the Wife etc? I want us to watch the racing from somewhere that gives a good "long" view of the riders (as in the time they're in view) rather than watching at a fast section like Sulby or Gorse Lea. We'd be arriving by car, rather than bike, so is there ample parking for cars, does anybody know? 

Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much....

RE: Viewing at The Bungalow - captainsparkledotcom - 27-04-2022

Fantastic place to watch from....if the weathers good! you can see them come round the Verandah & then all the way to Brandywell.
If you don't mind walking a bit the world is your oyster! walk back round to Bungalow Bridge, walk up to Hailwoods Height, or further! there is car parking, but I've never noticed how much!! You can always catch a tram from Laxey!
I see there's a new cafe/restaurant affair where Murrays museum used to be, so they'll have facilities, the tram stop has toilets too & there's usually a burger van.
It's really a must do, as i say, if the weathers good!

RE: Viewing at The Bungalow - Chris_Sav - 27-04-2022

Even got nice new traffic lights for the trams! not needed those for 125 years!

RE: Viewing at The Bungalow - Nasher - 27-04-2022

I have been a regular visitor to the TT & MGP since 1976 and have spent more race days at the Bungalow than all the other places put together - I love it up there😀

If the weather is good it's brilliant - but even when sunny it can be cold, so take some warm clothes

TT week, when the mountain us one-way, I drive up Sulby Glen, Park on the road and walk up - there is now a cafe with toilets

See you there in a few weeks time.....YIPPEEEEEEEEEE! can't wait...

RE: Viewing at The Bungalow - Revvin rich - 28-04-2022

One of the best viewing places you can watch from plenty of parking places toilets on both sides of the road and a burger van like everyone says take plenty of warm clothes it can get a bit nippy when the sun goes in

RE: Viewing at The Bungalow - bsa499 - 28-04-2022

The Bungalow is a great spectator spot, as already noted it has great access while the racing/practicing is on and there's a good long view of riders approaching and departing including serious acceleration up to Hailwood Heights. I also recall going up there on the Mountain Railway on a non-racing trip to the Island. The railway terminates above the Bungalow near the transmitters and I thought then that this could also be a great place to spectate, you can see even more of the track in both directions but, of course you're not as close to the bikes. Also as almost everyone has noted though, it can be bitter cold and very wet up there even on a seemingly 'nice' day, not somewhere you'd want to be if unprepared.

RE: Viewing at The Bungalow - civ - 28-04-2022

The new cafe up there is excellent, the owners have put an incredible amount of work in to it and it'll make a great viewing spot even better.

Get there early in a car, or even better park it in Laxey and let the train take the strain Icon_cool

RE: Viewing at The Bungalow - Gleesy - 28-04-2022

Thanks so much to each of you for your replies to my question. It's very much appreciated and I think my mind is made up. 

It's The Bungalow on Raceweek Monday for us!! 

We'll dress for Winter, regardless of what it's like in Douglas.....

Very much looking forward to spending the day there!!  

Thanks again