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New venue - Chrisp955 - 01-05-2022

I see there will be another big stage in Douglas. The old post office is now called bar 1886 and have some big names playing over tt fortnight. Looks like they are building a stage on the land opposite. Is that where the dogs home was?
Dose anyone know if the Hooded ram is using the bottle neck carpark this year.

RE: New venue - Alfie Noakes - 01-05-2022

Land opposite is where the Villiers Hotel used to stand, Dogs Home was located on the right in I think Drumgold St if it's still called that after all the redevelopment as you walk from 1886 in Regent Street to where Marks and Spencers is now found, many a youthful drink had on way through town in the Dogs Home after tackling the barrage of pubs around the harbour.

RE: New venue - captainsparkledotcom - 01-05-2022

Hooded Ram went under a couple of years ago!

RE: New venue - civ - 05-05-2022

No Hooded Ram this year, but Bushys are back in the Villa Marina gardens again