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Are you there yet - rutolander - 25-05-2022

Any body in the Isle of man for the TT 
yet. We arrived Sunday a bit early but having 
holiday before the racing gets started.
It's a bit windy but forecast better for race week.

RE: Are you there yet - Alfie Noakes - 26-05-2022

I'm here and alongside the much missed TT Buzz enjoying a lot of family and Manx mooching/skeet catch-up after 2 years covid malarkey....great to be back seeing the IoM back getting back to life - things like the little bakery in Parliament St Ramsey is back up and running - great pies, pasties cakes......not liking the nadgery "October" weather today though

RE: Are you there yet - sticky - 26-05-2022

On the morniing boat out of Liverpool tomorrow morning. Feels weird, almost like it isn't happening. Hopefully it'll hit me when I arrive at the pier head. This time tomorrow I'll be at Ballakeighan photographing the Pre-TT practice so I need to get my act together!

RE: Are you there yet - SILJA - 27-05-2022

Not now...but June 2nd!

RE: Are you there yet - Chrisp955 - 27-05-2022

5pm ferry next Wednesday from Liverpool. Can't get hear quick enough.