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RE: The Forum / The Future - Chris_Sav - 16-01-2024

Still awaiting owner's preferences, but it appears to me that the forum is what most members wish to keep going.

I'll have a closer look at the website half when I hear from the owner.

RE: The Forum / The Future - captainsparkledotcom - 16-01-2024

That does seem to be the general consensus,
I must admit to feeling a little guilty, being in favour of the forum, after all the work that Malcolm must have put in to the rest of the site over all these years.

RE: The Forum / The Future - HammerHead - 24-01-2024

Well this has been a read!

I haven't logged in for around 18 months so had missed the sad news of Malcolm's (RIP) passing and all the trials and tribulations of the website and forum.

For what it's worth, I have a bookmark for the forum and it's that which I read. I have, from time to time, clicked through from the forum onto the "main" website and browsed the content - old interviews and the like - but it's a rarity, so for me the forum is the key part.

Many thanks from me to all who have put in time, effort and cash to keep this going, and also contributed to the deserved plaque.

I'll try and pop in more regularly again now, having found my way back.

RE: The Forum / The Future - Multirider - 25-04-2024

Hi Chris,

thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this forum.

Running such a special forum is actually a pure luxury. A handful of people write posts and finance the whole thing, the rest just pick up information. As moderator of the German IOM forum, I know the problem. But we still love our forum and are holding on to it.

I am in favor of maintaining the forum and am happy to make a donation. The rest of the website is less interesting for me personally.

I would prefer to pay via paypal, or hand it over in cash on the island. There are only 3 weeks left.

Best regards


RE: The Forum / The Future - Chris_Sav - 26-04-2024

Thanks for the compliment and the offer of financial help.

Moderation of this forum is fairly easy apart from the steady stream of spam applications, mostly from Asia, that I have to repel and try to prevent from re-applying.

The main frustration is still having no control over its future, being just a helping out admin. I can get no replies from the forum owner by email which is the only contact method I have. The hosting renewal date is now, so I will try contacting the owner again. We are still running on very outdated software which I am loath to ask for contributions towards updating when  the forum could disappear tomorrow.

The last six months have been difficult for me with illness and injuries, so I have neglected the website half of the site. Things are improving slowly, so maybe the TT will provide some fresh impetus!

Best wishes,