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Forum History - Chris_Sav - 24-06-2023

Previously only the current year's events have been displayed.

There is the best part of twenty years' history archived, I've started opening it up with history sections in a menu tree rather than all at one level.

It concerns me how little the forum is used now compared with before covid, so this might create more interest.

I takes time to set this up but once completed I am able to turn a complete section on or off with one click.

Is having the history available an improvement? I've left all the forums open for posting, but could switch that to reference only.

Any thoughts please?

RE: Forum History - H2pots - 24-06-2023

Anything that brings interest is good. Other forums have off topic sections and speakers corners etc.

Good moderation is needed though.

It's always concerned me that things are only busy on here at TT and mgp times.

I guess we're all guilty of only posting when we're looking forward to an event.