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Tell me about the Manx GP - Anonymous - 29-04-2001

I've now cancelled my trip to this year's TT, but am considering travelling to the Manx next year instead of TT2002. Can you please tell me about the Manx, e.g. what is the earliest time I can book tickets, how long does it last (is it 2 weeks like the TT?), etc, etc? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Tell me about the Manx GP - Anonymous - 29-04-2001

You could always come to this year's MGP Dena! It's 18-31 August which covers practice for the first wheel then racing on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the second week. The weather is often better than the TT and the atmosphere is generally felt to be friendlier, with fewer big-name teams hogging the paddock and all the riders and supporters being open to approach. There are fewer spectators over (maybe not this year though!) so the ferries and hotels are more accessible. This makes matters easier but means there isn't such a party atmosphere downtown.... less hooligan riding too.

At this stage you may have to do some hunting for hotels and ferries but IMHO it's well worth the effort!

Re: Tell me about the Manx GP - Anonymous - 29-04-2001

Dena, if you like the TT you will love the Manx. It is purely about racing and not about big money sponsors, and big egos. You can be the first to spot tomorrows big star while she/he is still raw and unassuming.

Don't miss it. See you there, I'm going over on the Saturday.

Follow the news on ttwebsite, about who is racing etc.or have a look at the manxnewcomers site...see LINKS