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Are these books worth anything ???? - cargo - 18-09-2007

- thewitch - 18-09-2007

No a millionaire, but they might pay for a night out for Sandy and me...

- alf885 - 18-09-2007

Are you inviting offers? alf

- cargo - 18-09-2007

Certainly if you want to bid me a price please feel free to do so
PM me

The Norton Rotary one has just gone Ebay

book for sale - pierre - 18-09-2007

pray tell us where on eBay. Id number, or seller's pseudonym, or something?

Thanks (pierre_12_uk)

- cargo - 18-09-2007

I'm pleasantly surprised at the interest.
Here's a link to the Rotary book on Ebay

books - pierre - 19-09-2007

- cargo - 19-09-2007

book - pierre - 19-09-2007

Murray Walker Book - Crofter - 24-09-2007

I would be interested in the Murray Walker Book.

I had this book as a christmas present when I was about 9 or 10 years old. However I made the mistake of lending it and that was that, so if its for sale at a reasonable price I would be interested.


- cargo - 24-09-2007

Sorry to say but close inspection of the Murray Walker book reveals that the outside is a little damaged and some 9 or 10 year old has been busy with the sissors inside two pictures are missing and that means a total of 4 pictures are ruined................ :idea: prehaps this your copy I've found Crofter and thats why it was never returned :?:

Anyway my "book expert" describes it as "reading copy only"..........

:idea: Crofter send me a PM with a snail mail address you can have it FOC........... :wink:

Sorry to hijack thread! - John Leech - 24-09-2007

But i have just came into a Pile of Bike books along with an interesting find! its The Isle of Man TT Board game, No idea where to get an exact date, Still in original Box and has a Manx Norton on the front of the box, Along with these items i collected a framed picture of complete World War 1 despatch corp, and its signed by every single rider, i am not looking to sell this item, i would rather give it to someone who might have a family connection! Details are vague at moment but i will start a new thread shortly with full list! Can pics be attached?