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Steve Ferguson - Anonymous - 19-09-2007

I have visited Steve this afternoon and he is good spirits in ward 4B at the Liverpool Royal hospital and asked to thank all that helped him, the helicopter crew the marshalls, and the staff at Nobles and all the wellwishers to numerous to mention.

- thewitch - 19-09-2007

Thanks for that, Pykey. A lot of us have been wondering. Give him best wishes from all at TTwebsite if you're back in again.

- Anonymous - 19-09-2007

Thanks Helen i will pass on your message.

- ed - 24-09-2007

Hi Pykey,
Thanks for that. I was the deputy sector marshall at Cruickshanks. I have been trying to find out how Steve was since the day of the incident with virtually no info til your post.
Any idea when he is likely to be out of hospital?

Are you the Pykey from the Wirral that used to watch TT at Ballacry about 10 - 15 years ago?

- cargo - 24-09-2007

He certainly is Ed..............

Oh and welcome to TTwebsite forum

- Anonymous - 26-09-2007

Steve is hoping to go home at the w/end to carry on his physio at home and it was great to see him on his feet and he thanks all who either visited him or sent cards and we may see him on this site soon.

- maggie - 26-09-2007

Am delighted to hear that news!! I was afraid that he had been more badly hurt. Keep on with that physio!!! Smile

- ed - 26-09-2007

great news thanks

- Anonymous - 01-10-2007

Steve is now back home on the Wirral convalesing which is great.

- ed - 02-10-2007

thanks - great news

Steve Ferguson - nicijay - 04-10-2007

Thanks to Pykey for keeping people updated.

Steve arrived at home on monday afternoon following just over three weeks in Royal Liverpool which was preceeded by a week in Nobles where he spent 1-3/09 on life support, he suffered some nasty injuries which hopefully will all heal without too many complications.
He broke ribs left 1 - 7, he snapped his right collar bone, he sprained his left shoulder and has suffered various spinal fratures which are T2,3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9 spinal processes are fractured, T6 and L3 vertebrae are burst, L3 being the more serious. If everything continues as is then there should be no need to operate on his spine so we have our fingers crossed for that and there is a possibiltiy he may need to have his right collar bone fixed but we will know more in about 6 weeks. He will have to spend approximately 4 months in a body brace and as yet cannot stand or sit up without it on.
If anyone knows the medics and marshalls who helped him at the scene we would love to hear from them to be able to thank them personally, they undoubtedly saved him from further spinal damage by their superb handling of him at the scene. A massive thanks to those heros.
Also huge thanks to the helicopter crew and all the hospital staff at Nobles who were so great with Steve and so kind to me, and thanks to all the friends who helped pack up Steve's race kit and all the friends and well wishers who visited and sent cards and to Wyn Evans for getting me there so fast and to Tim & Gleavy for being here, there and everywhere. Huge thanks are owed by me to Carl and Dot Roberts who gave me somewhere to stay and a car to drive and lots of encouragement and support, a debt I can never repay! What amazing people! If I've missed anyone I'm sorry everyone has been great. If anyone wants a further update please ask.

- ed - 04-10-2007

Dear Nicijay,
Thanks for your post , I'm glad to hear Steve continues his recovery.
I'm the Deputy Sector Marshall at Cruickshanks, I'll make sure that your "thanks" are passed on to the rest of the team. On the day of the crash I think we were all locals from Ramsey so when I see them round town I'll pass on your news and comments. The paramedic team was led by Glen from St John Ambulance - his day time job is running the Island's Emergency Services Contact Centre. I might see him in a couple of weeks time when I renew my Marshall's training at SJ head quarters.

I was really shocked when I heard Steve was in ITU. At the time of the incident he didn't seem too bad. He was talking to us while we tended to him and got him of the scoop stretcher - he complained of a sore back and chest and we suspected a broken sternum and/or ribs. It just shows that the training we get - treat everything with caution because the "thrill of the chase" masks a lot of the pain and injury - is very true.

Anyway, thanks for your thanks. We all marshall because we enjoy it and whilst we all hope that we have uneventful races, if and when things go wrong we are happy to help in whatever way we can.

- MV - 05-10-2007

What a great thread.
Not great that the incident happened, of course.

So many people willing to help.
So much praise for the marshalls amd medics.

I hope this is noted by certain people.

- ed - 05-10-2007

Thanks MV,
as a Marshall its great to find out how the riders are doing after the incident and to know we are appreciated D

- nicijay - 10-10-2007


I'm really pleased you replied and so quickly too.
Thanks for all you and your team did, you were all fantastic.
I would be very grateful if you could pass our thanks to everyone including Glen and his team of medics when you see him.
Steve is still making progress slowly but surely, he is due to start his physio again next week for the first time since leaving hospital. They have arranged for it to be done nearer to home and on my day off which will make life easier.

Again..........THANK YOU!

And thanks to all the well wishers too.

- sicknote69 - 15-10-2007

Just a quick one I spoke to Glen Corlett on Friday,and passed your message on.He says Im ok to put his Email addy on if you want to get in touch,

Hope alls well with you and Steve.

- nicijay - 15-10-2007

Hi sick note 69

Thanks for that, were you one of the marshalls/someone who helped Steve too?

- sicknote69 - 16-10-2007

Hi No I marshall in sector 3 Ballacraine area. Big Grin

- nicijay - 16-10-2007

Hi Sick Note 69

Well keep up the good work cos you guys are all fabulous!

Thanks very much for Glen's contact details, I have emailed him, and thanks for your good wishes, Steve is doing ok! It will be a long slow job but he'll get there.

- nicijay - 18-10-2007

Quick update on Steve

He went to his first physio appointment today for his shoulder and the physiotherapist was very pleased with how well he can already use it. Big Grin
Bought an exercise bike today so he'll be pedaling his was back to fitness.
Due to see spinal doctor on 14 November..........fingers crossed for more good news.