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Macau 2007 entry list - cargo - 14-11-2007

Entry list here

And click on motorcycle lap for on board video with Micheal Rutter here

You can of course access the rest of the Macau webiste from these links

- MV - 14-11-2007

Thanks for that Cargo.
Good to see our mate Jimmy Moore in the mix.
onder if he will be back for the TT?

- Crofter - 14-11-2007

Do you think Men and Motors will show it this year?

They have not covered the Road Racing this Year which was


- MV - 14-11-2007

I hope you cottoned onto the fact the BBC Northern Ireland
did excellent coverage of road racing and that you can pick
up the broadcasts on sattelite tv?

- Shaun Harris - 14-11-2007

MV Wrote:Thanks for that Cargo.
Good to see our mate Jimmy Moore in the mix.
onder if he will be back for the TT?

Hey MV, I have been talking with Jimmy about next year and the TT, he is very keen to return mate, just needs a good deal

- MV - 15-11-2007

Thanks for that Shaun.
I hope he gets a good deal.
What a great guy?
For those who havent met him or heard him interviewed,
he is an amzing guy.
Dare I say it, so NOT typically American.
His quiet personal style is very refreshing.
On top of that, the way he approached "the job" was
spot on.
We met him at the TT launch in February and after at
He treated US as the celebs!
How many stars would go off o check in and then come
back in a rush because he had fogotten to give out stickers!
Lovely man.

He was quite excited by the fact that his girlfriends name or
nickname is Kerra and she could be Kerra Moore!!

Come back Jimmy

- thewitch - 15-11-2007

Fastest in 1st practice was Michael Rutter, with Plater, John Mcg, Guy and Jeremy Toye following.

- Stella - 15-11-2007

First session

1. Rutter
2. Plater
3. McGuinness
4. Martin
5. Toye
6. Thompson
7. Miller
8. Finnegan
9. Donald
10. Allan (600)
11. Carreira
12. McBride
14. Hutchinson
15. Cummins
16. Palmer
17. Penzkofer (600)
18. Ramsay (600)
19. Hobbs
20. Leite

25. Shand
27. Moore

- thewitch - 15-11-2007

Great to have you back, Stella! Hope the new puter behaves.

- Stella - 15-11-2007

Thanx Helen, fingers crossed ! Lol

1 1 Steve PLATER 8)
3 3 Michael RUTTER
4 5 Guy MARTIN
6 57 Jeremy TOYE
7 10 Mark MILLER
8 40 600 Steve ALLAN
10 77 Les SHAND
11 6 Stephen THOMPSON
12 9 James MCBRIDE
13 86 Cameron DONALD
14 12 Martin FINNEGAN
15 11 Conor CUMMINS
16 8 Dennis HOBBS
17 14 Luis CARREIRA
18 44 John HANER
19 13 600 Rico PENZKOFER
20 60 600 Callum RAMSAY
21 4 Chris PALMER
22 88 Gerald MUTEAU
23 99 Pierre CHAPUIS
24 51 Jose LEITE
25 32 600 CHEUNG Wai On
26 38 600 Joao FERNANDES
27 2 600 Jimmy MOORE

Qualification Maxima

15 Martin JESSOP
17 600 SOU Sio Hong
25 600 LIN Chia Hao
18 600 LEONG Iok Choi
47 600 Nick WINTHROPE

- thewitch - 16-11-2007

Oh, dear, Guy has fallen off and it looks like he has a broken arm. Steve Plater has a misfire and didn't get a lap in 2nd Qual (drat!).
looks like the start positions.
If Michael wins he will make history. Good luck to them all. Just come home safe!

- Stella - 16-11-2007

Here you go Helen

Sad about Guy Sad

Was listening live at the time, no names mentioned but you knew it was quite a serious off.

Rutter Sets New Record to Take Pole
Michael Rutter, the 34-year-old British motorcycle racer searching for a record-breaking seventh victory in the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix grabbed pole position for tomorrow?s 41st running of the Far East Classic event.

This is the sixth time in 13 appearances that Rutter has topped the qualifying list but he admitted after the second and crucial timed session that he had had to ride harder than he had ever done before to be quickest.

Rutter, on the AVIVA Kawasaki 1000, lapped at a staggering 2:26.644 seconds, 1.3 seconds quicker than his record-breaking pole performance last year.

Austrian Thomas Hinterreiter on the Austria Racing Team Yamaha 1000 was second fastest just three tenths of a second slower than Rutter.

Britain?s John McGuinness, winner of the race in 2001 and keen to win this year after setting a sensational record 130mph lap at the Isle of Man TT races in June, was third fastest just over half a second behind the Austrian.

It was a disappointing day for Steve Plater. The 35-year-old Lincolnshire rider had been on provisional pole after Thursday?s opening qualifying session but was plagued throughout today?s one hour outing by an electrical fault on the AIM Racing Yamaha 1000 that prevented him from completing a flying lap.

The team is still busy searching for the cause of the problem and hope that it will be cured in time for Saturday morning?s warm up.

Even so, Plater?s quick lap on Thursday was enough to keep him on the front row of the grid for the 15-lap race with fourth fastest time, 1.3 seconds slower than the flying Rutter.

Fifth fastest was Guy Martin on the Solent Scientific Racing Honda 1000, but the 26-year-old Humberside, UK rider was a faller in the session, injuring a wrist and being ruled out of Saturday?s race.

Steve Allan was quickest in the separate 600 Class on the AIM Racing Yamaha. The 33-year-old from Perth in Scotland, winner of the race for the past two years, lapped in 2:29.652 seconds to qualifying an impressive seventh overall among the more powerful big bikes.

Allan was 3.7 seconds a lap faster than 32-year-old German Rico Penzkofer on the Yamaha Austria Racing Team 600 making his second appearance at the event.

Another Scot, Callum Ramsay (Solent Scientific Honda 600) snatched third best time in the Class just edging out American newcomer Jimmy Moore (AVIVA Kawasaki) who was making a racing return for the first time since breaking a bone in his right foot and his left ankle in a crash in America in June.

Is the link to listen and get timing !


- thewitch - 16-11-2007

I tried that link last night and it went bersrk, opening dozens of new windows.. panic stations, and when I re-opened it the same thing happened so I gave up and went to bed!
I believe Guy has broken his arm and wrist, and was knocked out. They'd have easily known that because he stopped talking! However, it looks as if he's been relatively lucky.
My grandson Jake will be devastated. Guy's biggest fan. Thought I'd wait until he comes home from school to tell him, or he'd have done no work today!

- Stella - 16-11-2007

That happened once with me too ! i switched pc off restarted and all was ok, weird tho as you say loads of the same windows opening up ! :shock:

Yes sounds like Guy has been very lucky.

Steve Allan going really well on the Supersport bike ...great stuff from Big Bad ! Lol

Unlucky for Steve Plater but at least he is still on the front row 8)

- Stella - 16-11-2007

Update on Guy

From Simon on RRR who is out there at Macau

Guy's been released from hospital. He's got a broken thumb and hand, and he's badly bruised, but he's ok apart from that. 8)