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TT 2008 Ferry Crossing and Invoice - Kev from RRS.Com - 16-11-2007

- thewitch - 16-11-2007

That looks pretty good to me, and they used to just sell you a kind of option on the ticket for a deposit, and didn't tell you the full cost until about the time they are asking you to settle.. have they learned something??

- MV - 16-11-2007

I hope they have learned.
Contrary to Marks belief, We dont want to keep knocking!!!

- alf885 - 17-11-2007

Congratulations to the IOMSP received my booking confirmation today. Trouble is only half the bookings are as booked for our party. Changes of port, some Heysham some L'Pool. And one booking from our party of 7 not confirmed? Still, happens every year. Cue telephone and email rant. alf

- Kev from RRS.Com - 17-11-2007

- MV - 18-11-2007

- Michael - 18-11-2007

- MV - 18-11-2007

Hi Michael!

I was talking about you only this morning when explaining how bad things
were this year.
I hope you are well and look forward to sounding the horn as we pass
the camp!

- y2blade - 19-11-2007

- Michael - 19-11-2007

We are all very well. We are 8 guys next year on the Gruseleck.
Only half a year!


- MV - 19-11-2007

Hi Michael,

Pamela and I feel that we would like to say hi, face to face
some time.
At least to show that Anglo German relations are going well!
I will perhaps give you my mobile phne number.
Or we can text through private message on here.
We are close to Sulby bridge and pass you by a few times
during the two weeks
We are also open to visitors at the cottage.
Also, give serious thought to coming on the TTWebsite bus trip!


- thewitch - 19-11-2007

Somewhere, Michael, I have a copy of a local paper with your story and picture, for you, but I didn't know where to send it. Now... where have I put it... in a safe place?

- Crofter - 19-11-2007

- thewitch - 19-11-2007

She's not the person advertising a second hand crofter in the P&J is she? LOL!

- Crofter - 19-11-2007

I think she is the "Fun seeking mature lady seeks gentleman
for life comforts Riff Raff need not apply"


- Crofter - 19-11-2007

The Riff Raff is so as she doesnot get the same again.


ferry reasonable - ian huntly - 20-11-2007

Re: ferry reasonable - y2blade - 21-11-2007

- Sport-Pics - 21-11-2007