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How many of You have raced on the Island or Ireland? - Crofter - 13-12-2007

When reading posts on this board I have been impressed how much alot of you know.

If its not a silly question how many of you have raced on the island or anywhere else?

I believe Helen was involved as a sidercar passenger (info from her niece).

I am not looking for banter just an idea of who posts.

The general standard of posting on here shows a love as well as a knowledge of the sport by I think everybody.


- cargo - 13-12-2007

Oh this could be an interesting thread.

I've raced since 1996 mostly here in Ireland and mostly road racing.
Been doing the Manx GP since 1997 and also been to Jurby Road and Billown.
First went to the TT in 1985 and watched at Signpost. Missed one or two years especially since starting at the Manx.

I've marshalled both here and on the IOM and even got myself voted onto a MCUI commitee (briefly) (never again)

I've helped spanner an Irish championship winning bike (1993)

All because of a passion for motorcycles which started when I was about 14.............Kork Ballington was my first racing hero............but I soon discovered road racing and dropped him.

I rode road bikes from Feburary 1978 up to 1996. Still have a road bike but rarely if ever use it

That answer your question ?

Can't wait to see what others have to say..........Larry especially

- Fitz - 13-12-2007

I started racing as a Sidecar Passenger at 16....Way back in 1988!

First race was Jurby Airfield.

Circuits Raced:
Jurby Airfield
Oulton Park

Roads Raced:
Jurby Road
Southern 100

I am retired now since a disagreement with the wall at church bends on the Southern 100 circuit in 2005 but the temptation is still there.......never say never.

Now I look after the 'Mongs' (ask Helen) at Ballacaraine during the TT and MGP.

- thewitch - 13-12-2007

Never liked Church Bends myself, Fitz! I raced in Scotland and at the Southern100. That was my ambition and my reason for starting to race, rather later than most. . I did two S100s in 1991 and 1992, and have often said that, if I was stuck in "Groundhog Day", it would be my first race at the Southern!
I enjoyed every minute of my racing, but never had any ambition to do the TT. I'm too lazy, and would have whacked Willie Stewart, my main driver, on the back as we approached Rosie's to stop for a pint!
Willie is coming across for Christmas this year, so I guess we will have a few walks on the Billown course, and few reminiscences. Both of us value the wonderful friends we made who are still just as important now as they were then. There is no sport like motorcycle racing, and no class like the sidecars... that's REAL CLASS!

TT & MGP.... - irishago - 13-12-2007

Irish Ago, Ive done the MGP and TT Races on and off since 1984 and also the NW200 since 1997 also Kilalane and the southern 100 along with other road races on the Island.....have a great christmas and new years every body all the best Irish Ago.... :shock:

- Bill Snelling - 13-12-2007

- larryd - 13-12-2007

First career (:!Smile was from 1976 to 1986 inclusive.

Honda 400-4, 350 Aermacchi Metisse, TZ 250 & 350 plus F2 Yamahas.

Irish short circuits and all Irish road races, National and International, plus Aintree, Jurby Road, Manx GP, IOM TT.

Stopped end of 1986 following eeeeeeenormous "off" at the Carrowdore Bombhole (not my fault, honestly).

Came out again 1999 on classic 500 factory special BMW (plus, lately, a very nice 350 Ducati) - have done, in this incarnation, Ulster Grand Prix, Tandragee, Silverstone, Bremerhaven in North Germany and, best of all, the Southern 100 pre-TT Classic.

The last is the only meeting I do now, and I will continue to enter it as long as I can still get my leg over (the bike, that is :!: :!: )


Because the Southern 100 is the best Club in the world, and they run the best meeting :!:

Enough of the ego trip . . . . . . . . . . . . :oops:

- MV - 13-12-2007

My story is one of an experienced and long serving spectator
of road racing (thats circuit and closed roads) stretching
back to 1958.The same applies to my on the road bike riding
having started at the age of 16 (now 65!)

The people that I hold personally responsible for my "wasted life"
are, in no particular order, (actually, IN order!)
Bob McIntyre, Graham Walker and Mike Hailwood.
They got me hooked on racing, in particular the wonderful T.T.
My first race as a spectator, was at Thruxton for the 500 miler
in 1958
I had to wait from 1958 until 1967 until I made it to the
wonderful Isle of Man and it was all "downhill from there!"
What a year to start?! 1967. Hailwood and Agostini and more.

Since then, I havent missed many TTs and have seen so many
greats. The list is endless and I wouldnt know where to start!
This is why I carry so much knowledge and experience.

I have also spectated all around the uk.

In 1981, I went completely mad and had a brief spell racing
at club level ("It cant be that dificult!")
This involved mostly the North Gloucester club and on the
ex airfield circuits like Little Rissington.
My choice of bike was a Suzuki X7 250cc two stroke.
Being on the "other side of the fence" was something I dont
regret in spite of how it ended.
In May 1981, I raced at Cadwell Park and overdid it.
I fell off at the gooseneck and knocked myself about a bit.
I consider myself very lucky to have survived and had the
Since then, I have watched with a different head on.
I would never have raced around the Island cos I dont and
never did have the bottle.
I take my hat off to them all, from our own Cargo, Hilary
and Gail Musson,Fitz and Nick Jeffries to John McGuiness
and Shan Harris with hndreds in between.
I cant quite say "been there,seen it,done it"
But I have had a good stab.
As a result,I have so many wondeful friends in here.

Phew, that was better off my chest!

- kmckay - 13-12-2007


8 mgp's and reading this lot I feel I should get the orange jacket back on!

- thewitch - 13-12-2007

8 mgps ... and the rest... come on... get writing, Keith.

- Shaun Harris - 13-12-2007


Ulster GP,

Nth West

UK tracks as well some time back :roll:

- Stella - 13-12-2007


Ulster GP,

Nth West

UK tracks as well some time back :roll:

Left a lasting impression though Shaun Big Grin

youtubing tonight

listen n luv ! showing my age

PS never raced, so many of my family have though, got involved at 14yrs of age collecting gate money at East Fortune, bought a DTY 125 at 17 yrs of age, the rest as they say is history and hand on heart not regretted a single moment of it.

PS sorry in hindsite a bit off topic !

- thewitch - 14-12-2007

I well remember Stella at 14 collecting gate money with the late Emma Dickie, whose husband Tom was "Mr East Fortune".
Some families, like the Hanks, the Kneens, the Lavertys and the Smarts, have fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and in-laws racing... well, that's the Campbell clan.
In those families if you don't actually race, it's a cert the others couldn't if you didn't give up your time (and your heart) to support them. (I feel a book coming on...)

- MV - 14-12-2007

I didnt know that of Thompson Dickie!
He of Staines where I lived

Do the book!

- thewitch - 14-12-2007

No, no... a different Tom Dickie. As far as I know, until his sn Ian started racing, Mr D had no connection with bikes. He was a retired serviceman (Air Force? Stella?) who had taken a retirement job with "Mother's Pride"... many jokes about sausage rolls and baps during his reign at EF.
Ian had an accident racing solos and moved to sidecars, where his passenger was one Mose Hutchison...

- thewitch - 14-12-2007

Haven't been able to find a picture of Mose in his kilt for the site, but that's probably because I have the decency settings on!!
Regular TT attenders will know exactly who he is... if he had a computer we wouldn't get a word in....

- MV - 14-12-2007

Mose is a legend in his own lunchtime!
I stayed at the same hotel in the 70s.

The word character is totally inadequate!!
How do you describe Mose???

I bumped into him at Cronk y Voddy last year
He went round telling all the crowd of his mates.
"This boy stayed at the Kenilworth"

He appears on the Centenary Celebration DVD
No suprise!

- shipleymanx - 14-12-2007

Been watching since 1965 mainly on the IOM. Feel honoured to have seen the golden era. Since 2000 mainly as an owner. At pres have three bikes 2 classic and a RVF. all my year is geared around the manx. Would be lost without it. I also marshall. During this winter i am taking round marshall posters to motorbike shops to help with recruitment

- thewitch - 14-12-2007

Be interesting to know how many TTwebsite members have been or are marshals?
I marshal at the bottom of Bray. When I signed on I said I was happy to be anywhere on the course... except the bottom of Bray...
The Bray Hill Mob are excellent. Unruly, but excellent..

- pykey - 14-12-2007

I have never raced but i went to the TT about 40 yrs and these days i go to the S100 and Kells and whatever else i can afford but i have great memories of the 60's Bob Mac was my hero and i was proud to run the late JG Williams fan club that when i met wee Lavina who ran the late Tom Herrons fan club, Mez Mellor was also a character we went to Dundrod with about 83 and spent the evening in the Maze prison, guess what the evening ended with a fight so we dashed back to Larne still in one piece Lol you want to know who was fighting? Eddie Roberts and Martin Barr, thinking back it was probably safer racing :wink: