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Preserve the Horse Trams - ian huntly - 11-01-2008

- thewitch - 11-01-2008

Add - ian huntly - 12-01-2008

Thanks for the full article Helen..

I meant "passing" areas not "overtaking" !!

Just build a large version of Scalextric using horse trams

- Don Simons - 14-01-2008

- Crofter - 14-01-2008

From my own point of view I like to use the horse trams when in Douglas.

I suppose its the novelity but its my holidays also - so why not.

Apart from the racing the railway and the horse drawn trams are part of the character of Douglas. I suppose it may not be nice for a horse to pull a tram load of overweight bikers but its fun for me.


- Jan Grainger - 14-01-2008

It wouldn't be the same without them. Would it. Where else in the world do you have such wonderful attractions as the IoM.