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Question for Nickj - larryd - 13-02-2008

Spring-heeled Jack

Roaring Anna

Clattering Kate

Whiffling Clara

What have they all in common, and which is the odd one out, and why?


- cargo - 13-02-2008

The odd one must be Jack the other 3 are girls

- Malcolm - 13-02-2008

Don't think so Cargo, go back to pre WW II and think "motorcycles" !!!!!

- cargo - 13-02-2008

Oh I get it now it's one of Larrys ancient history they say on Dragons Den..............I'm out

I'm not old enough

- Steve Linsdell - 13-02-2008

no 1,2,4 all names given by Percy Goodman? of Velocette to their race bikes. Maybe!

- cargo - 13-02-2008

I just hate it when devlin does this I loose a day searching...............

Roaring Anna

[Image: Velocette-KSS-27.jpg]

This is the late Harold Willis's "Roaring Anna" - a 1927 350cc Velocette KSS with a considerable pedigree. Its history includes finishing 2nd in the 1927 and 1928 Junior TTs, 1st in the Hutchinson 100 in 1927, and breaking the world 10 mile record (standing start) at Brooklands at 104mph in 1929. This bike was on the VMCC stand at the 2005 Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show in Stafford.

- cargo - 13-02-2008

Clara it seems was a Velocette,M1

- cargo - 13-02-2008

As is Kate

So I'm right Jack must be the odd one

I'm very late for getting the boys from school now
Devs this IS your fault

- larryd - 13-02-2008

Steve's getting there, nearly, but Jack is not the odd one out, Cargo :!:

Must try harder . . . . . . .


- Steve Linsdell - 13-02-2008

Clattering kate is the odd one out due to it being a airplane!
All the others are KTT velo's. It was Harold Willis that named them
not Percy Goodman.

- larryd - 13-02-2008

Full marks Steve :!: :!:

Anyone know what Spring-heel Jack was :?:

- Malcolm - 13-02-2008

An experimental works KSS from circa 1928.

So while we are discussing old machines, what did Harold Willis once refer to as "Electrified Dirt"

- larryd - 13-02-2008

Magnesium alloy.

I prefer "compressed ratshit", which is what my Aermacchi crankcases were made of.

1928 experimental indeed, Malcolm, but not a KSS, plus -- in what way experimental :?:

- Steve Linsdell - 14-02-2008

'Spring Heeled Jack' was a works 1927 KSS No 928. It featured the Bently and Draper triangulated rear fork supported by coil springs and friction damper control..... It was used experimentally during the 1928 practice period but shelved because it caused cornering problems with lack of groun clearance.....

And as the next question......what is a 'Haymotor' and a 'Longhole'??

RE: Question for Nickj - larryd - 14-02-2008

smilie smilie smilie

Thought it was a KTT . . . . . . . .

More smilie

- Steve Linsdell - 14-02-2008

So did I! But I've got a good 85 year old friend that is a Velo man who worked for Temple press. He had a MK8 KTT on the road and still has a KSS. We have to start it for him now but he uses a scooter every day as his only transport. He knew!

- cargo - 14-02-2008

The joy in my heart at Larry getting something...........anything wrong is wonderful..................................

- Bill Snelling - 14-02-2008

Haymotor = Horse
Longhole = Panther?

- larryd - 14-02-2008

Always glad to please, Cargo, as you well know :!:

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

- Steve Linsdell - 14-02-2008

Bill Snelling Wrote:Haymotor = Horse
Longhole = Panther?

Good term for a Horse! Well done Bill.
He had another term for a long stroke engine---- Bicycle pump.
It should be 'Long hole' not one word, it was late!
It seems he had many more names for things so there may be more