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1978 TT - ian huntly - 17-03-2008

Fancy.....Bill Smith won his first TT in 1978, the Formula 3, after 21 years of racing, accumulating 43 replicas before this win !!

RE: 1978 TT - pykey - 17-03-2008

I think Bill won the world F3 championship that year correct me if i wrong?

RE: 1978 TT - Bill Snelling - 18-03-2008

The Formula 3 World Championship was decided on just the TT in 1977 and 1978.

[Image: 1978F3.jpg]

RE: 1978 TT - pykey - 18-03-2008

but Bill did Smithy win it?

RE: 1978 TT - shuffler - 18-03-2008

Yes ,he won it that year, my first of many visits to the Island.

RE: 1978 TT - ian huntly - 18-03-2008

In the TT programme it said that Ron Haslam rode as team mate of Bill Smith in the Formula 3. Like always, I was over in 1978 and feel that Ron did NOT ride in the Formula 3, his ride taken over at the eleventh hour by my friend Doug Randall who I was "helping" and who rode the race on a Nettletons Honda like Bills and finished in "Rons" place.

The confusion extended to Silversone that year during the Grand Prix when Murray Walker picked out a rider who was running last and was about to be lapped by the Sheenes and the Roberts, and said "There's Ron Haslam running last".......It was again Doug Randall who had been offered a wild card as a result of his good results that year but rode a Keith Manning Suzuki RG 500 but with Rons Number. I was there as well, in the pits, supporting Doug, and also have the video taken from the TV transmission, and yes, it was Doug being overtaken.

No need to confirm, it is in black and white in colour. Any comments ??? I believe Ron had been injured earlier in the season.

RE: 1978 TT - ian huntly - 18-03-2008

Just had a phone call to tell me that Ron rode in the Formula TWO and finished 4th just ahead of Joey Dunlop but gave up his Formula THREE entry, taken over by Doug Randall.

Now I'm totally cofused !!!

RE: 1978 TT - Bill Snelling - 19-03-2008

Pics of the riders referred to by Ian. Apologies for the poor quality, films have degraded.

Doug Randall (Cotton) 1978 Formula 3 race

[Image: 1978randall.jpg]

Ron Haslam (Honda) 1978 Formula 2 race

[Image: 1978haslam.jpg]

RE: 1978 TT - Barry Wood - 19-03-2008

Brilliant pictures Bill. Always enjoy seeing such gems. Thanks for posting them.

RE: 1978 TT - ian huntly - 19-03-2008

So how have I got Doug riding a Nettletons Honda ??

RE: 1978 TT - irishago - 19-03-2008

Hi Ian, Im very suprized at you. Think back the year was 1967 and the race was the 250cc Production TT who was the rider that Won it on a 250cc Bultaco, yes none other than W.A. Smith (Bill Smith) one and the same hope all is well with you Daytona was Fantastic will catch up when your over in june all the best Irish Ago....smilie

RE: 1978 TT - ian huntly - 19-03-2008

Yes Ago you are so right...I cannot claim to be "Just Testing" because I pulled this newspaper out of a huge pile of newspapers and saw the headline " Bill Smith, a Winner after 21 years of racing" which is clearly not right............................

Now I have researched elsewhere -it is true that Bill had won eleven years earlier in 1967 on a Bultaco !!

These journalists !!!!!

I also got an e-mail to say that a B Smith had won the 50cc race in 1968 but sir or madam that was BARRY Smith not Bill.

Thanks Ago for showing me that the brain is starting to addle !!

I also see Doug Randal finished 10th.....on a Cotton in 1978..Thanks Bill. Cheers