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MGPSC Helicopter Fund donations - Bill Snelling - 08-09-2008

Just received word that we raised just over £1,000.00 for the MGP Helicopter Fund through the Green Bucket Appeal at the Laxey Photo Exhibition.
Thanks to all who donated, we shall be rattling the bucket again next TT and MGP.
Sorting images for next years event already - 99% new pictures (can't leave the Smokin' Bantam out could we?)
Bring some better weather please!
Further donations always welcome, please send to Sally Wallis, Riders Retreat, Carrick Park, Sulby, IM7 2EX.

Photo exhibition still lurking around - Bill Snelling - 16-09-2008

The exhibition has closed, but the pictures are still at the Mill. If anyone wants to buy any display prints they are £3.00 each.

Off to Italy for a few weeks r & r (Risotto & Red Wine) - yipee!

RE: Photo exhibition still lurking around - Kimbiker - 16-09-2008

Thought the 2 R's in Italy were Rome & Rossi....what do I know ?

Great fund raising effort Bill, enjoy your hols.smilie

RE: MGPSC Helicopter Fund donations - Chris Maybury - 24-09-2008

I don't wish to hijack Bill's thread but are figures published giving the amounts collected by the Steam Packet, for the Rob Vine Fund, during the return voyages. I saw many kids putting in their precious pennies.

The young lady collecting in my area of the ferry, needed two hands to carry the bucket.

RE: MGPSC Helicopter Fund donations - thewitch - 24-09-2008

By the way, I believe Bill's final gifure was around £1400! Amazing.