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Coast - Splashdown - 10-09-2008

Watched this BBC2 programme tonight. A short sharp reminder of how beautiful the Island is even when you take noisy motorcycles away.
Did anyone else see it? I recognised Yvonne from the Manx Museum, and I could see the flats where Ann Arnold (ex timekeeper) lives in Port Erin. I didn't recall the sun shining as frequently a couple of weeks ago!!

RE: Coast - maggie - 11-09-2008

How infuriating! I've been trying to catch this particular episode on re-run for MONTHS now and lo and behold, I didn't notice that it was on! I think it's a brilliant series but they keep shuffling it around in the schedule and you never know which day it will be on.
It's always good to catch a glimpse of the island when you won't be back over for another year.
(Plus, don't know about the rest of you girls, but I think Neil Oliver is gorgeous!)