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MGP press release - Anonymous - 31-08-2002

The organisers of the 2002 Manx Grand Prix Races, the Manx Motor Cycle Club, regret to announce that there was a serious accident at School House, Ramsey, during the Ultra Lightweight Manx Grand Prix Race.

Philip Hayhurst, 45, a welder from Milnthorpe, Cumbria received injuries which were fatal. Mr Hayhurst leaves a wife Jenny and daughter Louise.

The organisers offer their deepest sympathy to the relatives and friends of Mr Hayhurst.

Re: MGP press release - Anonymous - 31-08-2002

So sorry to hear of this tragic accident. I had, mistakenly, thought everyone was home safe. My deepest sympathy to family and friends.

Re: MGP press release - Anonymous - 01-09-2002

I'm not a direct friend, but my parents knew Phil and his family well, I'm so very saddened by the tragic news, a dreadfull loss and on behalf of my parents I express their sadness, sympathy and regret.
S Wilson