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[FOR SALE] GSXR 600 K2 NOW SOLD TODAY - cargo - 09-10-2008

A serious lack of space forces me to sell this bike I bought it for the MGP in 2005 and have hardly used it here at home.
Its got all the usual toys.................

Olhns shock
Harris rearsets
Olhins damper
Harris fairing/clock bracket
AP Lockheed master cylinder
Power commander
Full Akparovich exhaust
Pace radiator
Very fresh std engine less than 1500 mile from new
Wavy discs
button quickshifter
sprockets lots
new wets on spare wheels
Spare engine
Lots of engine spares inc crank, gearbox cylinder head. Other bits and pieces as well

I bought it from Jenny Tinmouth and before her it was owned and ridden by Rob Barber

It has alway been run on fully syn oil and had regular changes of oil/filter
The engine is as built by Mr Suzuki the spare one is as built by me.... both are fine.............

I'll gladly consider a part trade for a LWB van a road bike or a race bike for that matter............SV650 ? ER650 ? ZXR400 ??

RE: [FOR SALE] GSXR 600 K2 - Mark10 - 13-11-2008

PM Sent