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Manx Grand Prix Photo's - Anonymous - 12-09-2002

Hi, I took quite a few shots during M.G.P. fortnight ALL classes, it might interest a few of you, some of them aren't badSmile
You can view them at <A HREF=""></A>
if your not there you can always e-mail me with your name and race number and don't forget the background colour as I couldn't put all of my photo's on the website.

P.S. Thanks to Admin.

Re: Manx Grand Prix Photo's - Anonymous - 13-09-2002

Looked at them last night, Carol. Very good photos.

Re: Manx Grand Prix Photo's - Anonymous - 14-09-2002

Thanks Ammo !

I am still very much a learner but I think I might be improving, I now manage to get both wheels in the shot on most of my photo's now Smile