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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE WRIGHT - The Bag - 02-12-2008

Today is Joe Wrights (TSRSC) big day. He's 50 at long last. smilie
Roll on Friday-Sunday when The Big Boys Birthday Bash happens at The Yacht Bar.
Happy Birthday mate
Yahoo Yahoo smilie smilie

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE WRIGHT - maggie - 04-12-2008

Ooopsss!!! Missed it!! Sorry Joe, but I'm sure that you will still be celebrating, at least until the end of this year! Have a great party (there'd be no excuse not to as you've had plenty of practise.) With a bit of luck I'll be able to buy you a belated birthday-drink somewhere in Ireland next summer. x

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE WRIGHT - The Bag - 05-12-2008

Myself, Neil The Tent Kent, The Scone Ranger and The Stealth and safety officer arrived at Joes at 915pm tonite thanks to AJ Hughes, the fastest taxi in Ireland. Stealth and safety did a check and declared the premises 'fit for purpose' and officially declared The Big Boys Birthday Bash on, as in GAME ON




RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE WRIGHT - maggie - 06-12-2008

And which one of you boys has been nominated to stay sufficiently sober to provide us all with some photographic evidence that Joe and his pals have an enjoyable party?? (I would recommend that it's someone other than Sconey!)

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE WRIGHT - The Bag - 07-12-2008

Hi Maggie
Your recommendation was heeded and The Scone was not the official photographer, it was indeed Baylon, with a camera that almost had me ( a newby saddo camera fan) rushing to the loo in excitement!! NB Photo not available without subscription Tongue <P>
I think Baylon will be putting them on his site as and when they are done and no doubt he'll let you know when that is.<P>
A good weekend was had , so I believe.<P>Russ