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I O M TT 09 - Shaun Harris - 11-05-2009

Arrive on the Island on the 28th at 1-15pm

Thanks to all that have helped with this, it will be brilliant to meet a lot of you, and to say thanks face to face to many many people

RE: I O M TT 09 - Baylon McCaughey - 12-05-2009

Fair Play to You Shaun AND to everyone who made it possible, hope to see ya

RE: I O M TT 09 - MV - 12-05-2009

I second that my man!

See you in the paddock?

RE: I O M TT 09 - Shaun Harris - 12-05-2009

Thanks Crew, realy looking forward to this big time. I am alive cause people supported me, I will not walk away from that

RE: I O M TT 09 - ian huntly - 14-05-2009

Looking very much forward to seeing you yet again......

The TT can really start once you are aboard.

I de-ferry on the 30th May coming in from Liverpool.