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    Thread: Will these two new exotic bikes have an impact?
Post: RE: Will these two new exotic bikes have an impact...

The RCV will be quicker than the Norton, or should be! But no matter how well they do it will be a spectacle to see and hear them on the roads and see how well they go in their maiden year. No doubt w...
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    Thread: When will they ever learn !!!!!
Post: RE: When will they ever learn !!!!!

They will never learn because they all think they are better than hutchy, mcg etc, they need to remember not everyone on the island wants to go home in a box, just calm down and enjoy a bit extra spee...
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    Thread: its nearly here boys and girls!
Post: RE: its nearly here boys and girls!

Thursday morning for me, and back 11th, bring it on ladies and gents :icon_lol:
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    Thread: TT Programme On Sale
Post: RE: TT Programme On Sale

I hope all the marshals get one this year then!
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    Thread: Pigs on a wing
Post: RE: Pigs on a wing

Yup, saw them a couple of times, pretty good mate, you will love it, i will be there too :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:
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    Thread: Getting Excited!!!!
Post: RE: Getting Excited!!!!

New tyres done, new chain done, yup, all ready! Bring it on :icon_lol: :icon_lol:
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  Cool Thread: Ryan Farquar-Tyco
Post: RE: Ryan Farquar-Tyco

Looks like a good move for Tyco and Ryan, could be a top 5 for them, wont be long till we find out now  :icon_biggrin:
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    Thread: Whos getting excited????
Post: RE: Whos getting excited????

Ferry paid, digs sorted, signed on again, just to get the bike sorted then good to go, roll on 2nd June, be good to land and then the obligatory ride past the grandstand to say hello ( well it is for ...
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    Thread: Villa marina during TT
Post: Villa marina during TT

Anyone know whats on yet over the TT?
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    Thread: BLACK DUB

Its being considered from what i read in a newsletter. Guess its a case of wait and see
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    Thread: TT2016 Race Regulations for Release
Post: RE: TT2016 Race Regulations for Release

Where can you get the race rules from?
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    Thread: 18 Weeks to go.......
Post: RE: 18 Weeks to go.......

(21-01-2016, 05:41 PM)warrior Wrote: Or to put it another way, only 9 fortnight's to go until TT fortnight : ) OOH warrior, i lik ethat way to put it.........Bring it on :icon_lol:
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    Thread: Dan’s the man for Mar-Train
Post: RE: Dan’s the man for Mar-Train

Should be a good match, roll on TT time....
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    Thread: TT2016 Schedule
Post: RE: TT2016 Schedule

Maybole, you still lurking around on here! All sorted for next year yet? What bike you riding so i can keep an eye out in the convoy in 2016, or will you have a new bike by then?
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    Thread: is Bruce still asleep?
Post: RE: is Bruce still asleep?

How can he possibly sleep surrounded by a cloud of 2 stroke smoke!! :icon_lol:
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    Thread: Steve Hislop
Post: RE: Steve Hislop

The 13th Hizzy Memorial run this year is on the 30th Aug starting at Denholm in the Scottish Borders.....
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    Thread: Bad behaviour during TT?
Post: RE: Bad behaviour during TT?

The idiots walking on a closed track didnt help, i believe they might even still be looking for a couple of them, there are posts on here about the person that has been jailed because of being abusive...
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    Thread: How long have we got?
Post: RE: How long have we got?

Malcolm, a true Gent, thanks for continuing the forum, name and shame anyone that abuses the system.....
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    Thread: TT on foot
Post: RE: TT on foot

I took the bike, bit more difficult to pop into Douglas for a pint while i was staying in Kirk Michael though, and easier to get up the mountain too.....
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    Thread: Twitter 'handles'
Post: RE: Twitter 'handles'

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    Thread: McPint
Post: McPint So now you can find out what McPint was doing riding with EMC2 livery
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    Thread: Prayers for critically injured Jamie Hamilton
Post: RE: Prayers for critically injured Jamie Hamilton

Lets hope the news stays positive and hope for a complete recovery.
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    Thread: Enough is Enough
Post: RE: Enough is Enough

I only found this forum after the demise of the previous one, what a shame to lose an informative forum that all genuine TT fans rely on. As for the idiots that make life hard why dont they all go an...
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    Thread: Marshal Brochures
Post: RE: Marshal Brochures

there were several hundred programmes short, not all marshals had one.
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    Thread: Gary Thompson MBE 2015 TT clerk of the course
Post: RE: Gary Thompson MBE 2015 TT clerk of the course

+1 from me too, great job, a few difficult moments but handled well and in a timely manner! Keep up the good work.
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    Thread: 2015 TT RIP Franck Petricola
Post: RE: 2015 TT RIP Franck Petricola

Many condolences to Franck's friends and family and all involved, RIP Franck
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