Silverstone preparations for MotoGP going well
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Silverstone preparations for MotoGP going well
Work is well underway and on course for completion on the spectacular new facilities that will greet motorcycling fans at the 2010 British Grand Prix.

[Image: silverstone1.gif]
Start/Finish Straight

MotoGP will visit Silverstone for the weekend of June 18-20 to be greeted by a new Arena Grand Prix circuit and improved spectator viewing facilities, and work on the developments is on course for its scheduled completion in early March.

Returning to the Northamptonshire circuit for the first time since 1986, MotoGP will benefit from dramatic new updates which are currently in progress on both the circuit and venue.

The modifications to the track will make Silverstone one of the fastest circuits on the MotoGP calendar in 2010, with the new layout increasing the track length to 5.6km. Improvements to spectator viewing areas will see a number of elevated viewing banks, as well as existing grandstands and fence lines being moved to bring fans closer to the action on the track.

[Image: silverstone3.gif]
Woodcote Corner

Facts and statistics relating to the work being carried out at Silverstone:

- 180,000 tonnes of earth has already been moved around the circuit, of which 50,000 tonnes has been used (to date) to elevate banks and improve spectator viewing areas. All of the earth is being reused, so nothing has been taken off-site.

- 8,000 tonnes of tarmac has been laid (to date)

- 60 tonnes of hardcore and 500 cubic metres of concrete has been used (to date)

- 6,000 metres of armco has been erected

- 2,500 metres of FIA and FIM approved kerbs are being laid

- 230 people are constantly on site, working specifically on the development
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