very Very quite.
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RE: very Very quite.
Please explain Larryd. Or not, I'm interested in what you mean.

Surely the TT is on the upward direction as far as its popularity? Why would fans be "disenchanted?"
The T.V coverage is outstanding. Even in Aus. we are getting full coverage in HD.
That super slo mo hi motion camera thingy is fantastic! Even to non bikers.
Youtube is showing the world a fans eye view from the hedges.
There's even a TT movie in bloody 3D!

Has there been compromises made to achieve this rise in popularity over the last few years?
Whats happening to the Manx?

I'm just a fan of the races, I've been lurking on here for years and have only been posting recently due to the lack of posts available for me to read.

I can't understand why it's so quiet. Have I missed something?

I remember this place being full of very smart and enthusiastic fans.
It looks like the most interesting topic on here is where are they?

Larryd I've just read over this post and I see how many question marks I have punched in. They are not all directed towards you. LOL. I'm just having a wee winge as I miss all the build up and news.
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