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RE: Marshalling
I'm a bit of a newcomer, first marshaled in '10 and have marshaled each year since.  I mostly marshal the Classic/MGP although I did the TT one year.  It does takes a commitment to do the job, I feel I want to give back for the enjoyment the sport has given me for 50 years, both as a spectator and a participant. 

The Marshal assoc. wants you to put in a full event before training, marshaling is not for some.  You will be assigned to work with an experienced marshal who will be your mentor.  As a new Marshal no one will expect you to be working with a fallen rider, there is a lot of "grunt" work that needs to done at any incident.  Any pieces that may be on the track need to be dealt with, spills need to be cleaned up, etc.  Anyone that has reservations about dealing with an injured rider need not be put off, there are lots of other tasks to be dealt with, from closing the roads and putting hay bales in place, to help with carrying a stretcher with a rider who has been stabilized and "packaged" by more experienced marshals.

Try it, if it's not for you, no problem, just let Muriel know and move on.  If it is something you enjoy, take the IMC course after your first year and have fun while supporting the best event in the world. 
28-05-2015, 12:59 AM
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