ACU official stands down in tracker row
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RE: ACU official stands down in tracker row
(12-09-2019, 01:51 PM)taxman Wrote: I'm no SC fan nor am I his public defender however there've been a couple of things pop up in this thread which are not supported by the evidence.

Firstly, the Coroner of Inquests didn't name SC as someone who shouldn't be involved in IOM Motorsport. he said

"1. I have no power to ban or exclude those officials or marshals whose conduct I have seriously criticised. In any event, it must be that their positions are untenable and I have no doubt that they will do the decent, honourable thing and have no significant involvement in the Manx Motorcycle Club or marshalling for future events".

Mr Moyle was very theatrical in his deliveries and liked the headlines. I'm not saying he didn't mean SC, just that he didn't name him.

Secondly, I've seen the £70k number bandied about on Manx Forums but it appears to have been totally invented. I've not seen a single shred of evidence  to show that SC was or wasn't paid £70k. There is however a Government pay scale for the IOM Director of Motorsport is between £77k and £90k see payspan 38. It seems unlikely that the Director is on this banding and SC was getting £70k.
MM DID mention him by name at the original Inquest. SC is/was paid by the ACU.  Payscale came from a VERY reliable source. It will all come out in the wash.

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