Pullyman: Is this the end of the TT ?
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Pullyman: Is this the end of the TT ?
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Well now, who mentioned the TT ?

Well, it wasn’t me, but seeing that we’re on the subject, who thinks that there will be a TT next year?

As we all know, the TT cancelled this year.

And did the world come to an end? Did the ground open up and swallow Braddan Bridge? Did the Bungalow slide down the hill and into Laxey Bay?


Did anything happen? Yes. We all had a bit of peace and quiet.

So, what’s the odds on 2021?

Yes or no?

Will there be a TT or will it have to hibernate?

And, more to the point, dare I say the dreaded words, could this mean the end of the TT for ever?

Now I know that the unfinished symphony, or Douglas Promenade as we once used to call it, would not have been a help to the situation with the TT, but it cannot take the blame as the cause.

Like it or not, this superbug has to take the sole blame for the missing superbikes.

Think about it, if you are one of the organisers of the test match or the cup final, or even the Grand National, and you are faced with your particular event being put on hold for a year or two, it wouldn’t necessarily be the end of the world.

But if you are one of the organisers of the Isle of Man TT races and your event is cancelled for a year, then that is a major problem.

The event is unique.

It takes place on a closed road circuit of just under 40 miles over two weeks in late spring and early summer.

It involves the closing of some sections of the busiest public roads in the island, for some time each day, and involves high-speed motorcycles reaching up to 200 mph.

The TT is organised by the Auto Cycle Union and involves the recruitment of hundreds of part-time, unpaid marshals.

But every event has its own special problems, and the TT is no exception.

It is a high-speed road race that comes with a high cost. Hardly a year goes by without at least one competitor or spectator losing their life in a high-speed incident.

The event enjoys a faithful following, but unfortunately a growing number of objectors quote the danger the loss of lives and the inconvenience caused by the closed roads and traffic congestion.

So that’s it. We will just have to wait to see what will be the fate of the TT.

Will it be the prom, coronavirus or is it simply the time to say good bye?

I think that I speak with some experience when I say that, in my opinion, enough is enough.

Just let the TT come to a graceful and gentle end in a nice museum.

When I say ’from experience’, I don’t mean to imply that I have any knowledge or skill whatsoever that gives me the authority to make comment about the TT.

I can only speak with the voice and the wisdom of an (almost) 80-year-old man.

I have followed the TT for about 70 years. I was one of those young lads who would cycle up to the grandstand at five in the morning to see the stars and the bikes, then scrounge a mug of hot chocolate from the tea tent and hopefully a team badge from the factory van.

Then it would it would be off to Braddan Bridge to claim my regular perch on one of the cemetery tombs to watch the evening practice.

I was weaned on the TT, brought up on the TT and then, when me and Brown Eyes knelt before the altar, where else could we tie the knot but in Braddan Church?

We then moved to a TT roadside cottage in Greeba, where we stayed for the next 46 years.

I would miss the TT, but I would not miss the pain or the tragedy.

Life is too short and too precious, and I really would like to be around to see the new promenade finished.

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