NW200 Top Team and riders withdrawn
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RE: NW200 Top Team and riders withdrawn
In defense of the NW200 (promoter), the governing body through which all racing in Ireland is sanctioned (north and south) is the MCUI. As I best understand it, they are the official body that grants the track certificate and sets forth the rules and regulations - and as we are so acutely aware, puts in place the insurance coverage. My guess is unlike the IOM Govt and its ability to better control its own destiny with the ACU, the NW event has to fall in line with the MCUI’s overall road racing regulations. Obviously, the NW200 has a responsibility to bring clarity to these rules and regulations but I guess the devil is in the details. I remember many years ago the NW200 didn’t allow Ducati’s due to them being in excess of 750cc being the issue I think. This was an MCUI rule as I understand as clearly it was in the NW200’s best interests to allow Ducati bikes on the grid. The same issue happened again a couple of years ago with the Norton that McGuinness was wanting to ride being in excess of 1000cc.

Some people have pointed to scrutinering but the primary reason for scrutinerring is safety, not to 100% validate the compliance of a bike - that will always be the responsibility of the rider.

Per the NW200 statement, once the stewards of the meeting had made their decision, it is final. There is nothing Mervyn White and his team can do - no different than when a rider at the TT is thrown out due to a tech infringement found after the fact. Paul Phillips would have no role in attempting to reverse the situation.

Road racing in Northern Ireland continues to decline. There are many reasons for this but the MCUI and the organising clubs/promoters have played a role - especially the MCUI in my uneducated opinion. I am sure there are lots of well intentioned good individuals involved but seemingly as an organization, something is broken.

Very sad and does not bode well for the future. That SS race last night was arguably the best race I have ever witnessed in 45+ years of watching the NW. 6-7 riders going hammers and tongs inches apart for 6 laps of public roads is all that is great for this sport. 15 mins later this debacle happens.

There are no winners here and unfortunately the NW200 loses some credibility here. Teams spend a fortune these days and my fear is some will start to think twice of the value proposition and their participation
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