Post classic 4 stroke eligibility
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RE: Post classic 4 stroke eligibility
Given that the 4-valve-head 500 Weslakes are allowed in the Senior Classic I can see no good reason to exclude them from the post classic, provided it can be shown that they were being used in the capacity entered in 4-valve head form within the cutoff date.

If my experience on a 500 is anything to go by it'll be an interesting challenge for Dave to make a bigger engine last the distance Wink

I do think we need to keep the 4-valve-head Jap bikes out though, or it'll just turn into a procession of those. As it is people are going to have to make some choices about power, handling, reliability and fuel consumption, which will be very interesting.

I think the arguments about MGP deep pockets specials will continue as long as people can get current TT riders to pilot them. As we've seen from the Paton and MV in the SCL people will pay fortunes for a bike to be used once a year. However if we didn't have the likes of Farkie and other big names hopping over from the TT for a bit of practice and pot-hunting the big budget sponsors might be less inclined to throw their money at it, and the clubmen who form the body of support, and have done for years, might feel once again the event is a bit more about them.
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