No change to TT medics after all
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No change to TT medics after all
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As reported on the IOM Newspapers site today

A review of medical services at the TT will not take place now until after this year’s event the government has announced.

A statement from the Department of Economic Development (DED), which has overall responsibility for the races, states the set up for 2011 will remain largely unchanged but medical services will be examined in time for 2012.

The comments mark a climbdown by TT organisers ACU Events Ltd, which before Christmas said there would be no chief medical officer this year and only one doctor on duty in race control.

Following that, TT medical director Dr David Stevens quit, although he pledged to continue to work for the Manx Grand Prix.

But following a meeting a few days ago between ACU Events, the DED and Motorsport Medical Services it was decided this year’s provision would not change.

A statement from the DED after the meeting said: ‘It was agreed that operating practices around the medical provision at the TT races would be reviewed ... after TT2011 and the recommendations would be in place for the 2012 races.

‘In the meantime two doctors would continue to be accommodated within race control.’

The position of chief medical officer for this year’s races has been accepted by Dr Gruff Evans, a local GP with experience of work in TT race control.

TT control room facilities, and the number of people who needed to be accommodated there were also discussed and will be reviewed by the government’s motorsport team. They will liaise with control room personnel and produce a report recommending any improvements.

Political member for Isle of Man Tourism, Geoff Corkish MHK said he was grateful for the co-operation of those who took part.

‘I am sure the committee that will review medical arrangements will reach conclusions that will build on the current medical provision and help us use the resources we have to enhance rider safety,’ he said.

Before Christmas an edict from Jim Parker of ACU Events stated the role of chief medical officer was to be abolished and only one doctor rather than two would be required in race control. It cited ‘severe budgetary pressure’ as the reason for the decision.

Mr Corkish has since denied financial pressure had anything to do with the decision and said safety would not be compromised by financial constraints.

Dr Stevens, who has been at the forefront of medical provision for the races for many years, was asked to take over from Dr Heike Romer – last year’s chief medical officer – but declined saying Dr Romer’s services had been exemplary. He also pointed out medical opinion strongly supported the need for two doctors on duty in race control.

A statement from Dr Stevens in December said in view of the disagreement neither he nor Dr Romer would be involved in medical services for the 2011 TT but they would continue to provide services for the Manx Grand Prix.

Commenting on the outcome of last week’s meeting, a Motorsport Medical Services spokesman said: ‘The statement says it all really. I don’t think any further comment is required.’
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RE: No change to TT medics after all
So fat boy lost after all then!!

Its just a shame he felt the need to stick his nose into something that wasnt broken and didnt need fixing in the first place which has consequently led to a withdrawal of the goodwill shown by 2 vastly experienced and greatly respected medical officers who have been invaluable to the TT for many years.
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RE: No change to TT medics after all
[quote='Manx Mist' pid='43722' dateline='1295109888']
So fat boy lost after all then!!

Just wait and see what the Porker proposes for 2012 !!

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