MGP too many classes
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RE: MGP too many classes
(16-09-2011, 11:15 AM)Jeff Kirby Wrote: George

Once again, I have to justify myself to you. Not only that, you are implying that I am not doing my job properly by allowing four stroke machines out on to the course without oil containment, contrary to the regulations and that has annoyed me.

The oil containment for Classics was introduced as a strongly recommended item in 2009 after John Goodall's tragic accident in 2008. It was made compulsory in 2010 and is now accepted by all MGP Classic four stroke competitors. Obviously these machines were never designed to have oil containment and some of the solutions are quite ingenious and maintain the original apperance. Such a machine is number 28 ridden by Gordon Yule. If Gordon is at next year's MGP I shall be very happy to show you how Gordon has achieved it.

The aluminium tray on Alan Brew's machine can be clearly seen by his right boot. It can also be seen here

Nigel Moore's solution on machine number 6 is far more basic but it can be seen at

As you say you know the regulation then you will be aware that the requirement is to hold at least half of the total oil and coolant capacity of the engine in the event of an engine failure. This brings us to Stuart Garton's beautiful machine, number 25, which is quite obviously a BSA Gold Star engine in a Rickman frame. It has a separate engine and gearbox, is air cooled and has a separate oil tank and even if a conrod broke and came through the bottom of the crankcase, the amount of oil in the engine is minimal as was proved when that happened to Gold Star Ron's machine with Kevin Murphy on board two year's ago. The fairing on Stuart's machine extends back behind the engine and has a dam fitted to the rear lip so it meets the requirements.

Just because you think that you cannot see oil containment does not mean it is not there, the Classic crowd are far more resourceful than the modern riders.

I refuse to get into a slanging match with someone who seems to do it for a living but I am not going to stand by while criticism is aimed unfairly at the scrutineering team in general and me in particular . I am pleased that there are people like an old man returns that are prepared to support us. Thank you, Ken.

Thanks also to Rusty for using his photographs as evidence.

Jeff Kirby

No one has slagged you of in person or even named you. If you can also read you will noticed that I had thanked the Technical team for the outstanding job they do Jeff. I can also take the stick as well, I can remeber going through technical inspect at early morning practice and being asked by a Tech if the bike had been checked over, I replied it was only to hear the sound of a load of nuts and bolts drop on the floor. At first I poo myself until I noticed you lot having a good laugh at my reactions. Not the best joke to play at 5am, but I took it in the manner is was meant for.
Again I will Thank you and the team, without you we cant race.
16-09-2011, 02:14 PM
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RE: MGP too many classes
Ah yes,.. 2009, I remember it well...

I was releived when I heard Ago was OK andd had not crashed. Then once the bike arrived at the garage, I was pleased to find zero oil on the rear tire. Notice you can see where the engine bits are directly below the hole in the cases, yet the wind blew a bit more oil towards the rear of the fairing, a lot more than I would of thought. But as stated the total amount of oil was minimal (stock BSA oil pump return side works perfectly..!).

However if you look closely, a very small amount of oil got by the dam I had at the left rear near the Dzus fastener... that was MY fault.. I had replaced the fastener and had left an open hole from the prior pop rivet that was taken out.... (that will never happen again..(the hole I mean).

Also notice that I always run a diaper, which absolutely restricted the movement of the oil..

Thank you Mr Kirby for allowing me to re-live the moment... heh..!! Big Grin


17-09-2011, 06:57 PM
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RE: MGP too many classes
The oil containment on all of the originally posted classics was easily noticable to me at a glance... Confused

17-09-2011, 09:07 PM
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