We did not sponsor any race in the MGP,’ says charity
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We did not sponsor any race in the MGP,’ says charity
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Every penny donated to the Manx Grand Prix supporters’ club charity goes towards funding the rescue helicopter, providing medical equipment for use around the course or supporting injured riders.

The assurance has been given after questions were asked by some fundraisers who feared money donated may have been used to sponsor Wednesday afternoon’s lightweight/supertwin race when the supporters’ club name appeared on the race details in this year’s programme.

The allegations were made in an anonymous letter sent to Isle of Man Newspapers.

Club secretary Sally Wallis said she was happy to set the record straight and confirmed none of the funds raised was used to sponsor the event and no money was used except to fund the helicopter, support injured riders and fund medical equipment, as usual.

‘We work on behalf of the people who donate money to us,’ she said. ‘The last thing we want is to upset anyone who raises money for us. This was not sponsorship, it was just called The Manx Grand Prix Supporters’ Club Race in recognition of the past 39 years’ support we have given to the MMCC and to the riders. We as a group have not contributed any money at all to the running of that race.

‘What we did give was the usual contribution, which this year was £45,000, towards the cost of providing the rescue helicopter. Over the past 39 years we have donated £700,000. The last thing we want is for the general public to think that the money they have generously donated had been used in sponsorship.’

Manx Motor Cycle Club chairman Harvay Garton said: ‘It is very very important that people do not get the impression that they sponsored the race. We simply wanted to give them some recognition. A £45,000 donation was made to the helicopter fund this year and I can categorically state that’s exactly where all of it will go. It’s an amazing achievement from a small body of fundraisers and we simply wanted to put their name in lights in the programme. They do great work and long may it continue.’

A further allegation of ‘luxury hospitality at public expense’ was also refuted: two club members started the race and awarded the trophies and received a snack luch (no alcohol). This was not from club funds, Mrs Wallis said.

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