Taking TT global has ‘potential’, says branding expert
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RE: Taking TT global has ‘potential’, says branding expert
(02-02-2015, 03:17 PM)Max Power Wrote: If this was such a good idea, why was it not handed over to tender for companies to do their own research and come up with a proposition? That would have cost nothing

Exactly my thoughts on the subject, it should have been done that way around, unfortunately Manx Government history is littered with expensive and embarrassing fiasco's involving 'consultants' and 'Promoters'

For example there is still a bad smell around from the infamous 'Signature Sponsorship' deal of a few years ago which was supposed to be a deal to promote the TT, it delivered nothing and cost a small fortune, questions were asked in parliament about this but no satisfactory answers were ever given and it all seemed to quietly disappear into history.

We are currently (I say 'we' as I live here and my tax bill helps to fund these barmy waste's of everyone's contributions) £200.000 poorer as a result of this latest hairbrained idea, we will never see a return on this money, there will be no TT World Series and the consultants will stroll away patting their back pockets in approximately 9 months time.

At which point the IOM government will either say nothing, or trot out the old 'lessons have been learnt' line which they fondly use as a fall back statement when banged to rights over anything.
02-02-2015, 05:57 PM
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RE: Taking TT global has ‘potential’, says branding expert
It seems to me that they always want to pursue some kind of 'quick fix' solution when all that's needed is a bit of patience.  If, in media terms. the event is growing in stature, then next time the negotiations begin for TV rights it should be possible to get a better rate for the product, especially as more and more countries/broadcasters seem to be getting involved.  I know there's a lot more money involved, but taking premier league football as an example, it's grown over time because the TV revenue has increased exponentially each time the broadcasting rights come up for grabs.

Obviously we're talking about a lot less money with the TT but the principal is the same and there would be no need to burn two hundred grand of public money and risk the future of the TT (and make no mistake, they ARE risking it) - you just need to be patient.  My personal belief is that people occupying management roles within the organisation of the TT should already have the expertise to make these kind of calls in-house.
02-02-2015, 06:59 PM
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RE: Taking TT global has ‘potential’, says branding expert
That is so very true Stick's and very well put , I am 100% with you in every thing you have said
02-02-2015, 08:33 PM
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