old "motorcycle" and "motorcycling" copies
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old "motorcycle" and "motorcycling" copies
Hi all

has any body got copies of the above that contain  Vic Willoughby's articles about engines, usually racing, with those wonderful line drawings by such artists as Frank Beak,  Charles Berris Lawrie Watts etc.,
Vic's articles usually involved a visit to the designer, where an angine would be dismantled, examined and drawn on the spot, no computers then ! 
I only took the blue un, so don't know who did MotorCycling's technical and racing stuff apart from John Griffith.
 If you don't want to part with the magazines,I would be happy to pay for photocopies/postage of the drawings .  This is for my own interest, and not some publishing project. Presumably if Morton's,  Bauer  Crowood or others thought that a book of old articles and drawings was a good idea, they'd be on it  like a rat up a drainpipe.

Hoping you can feed my nostalgia Crossfingers
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