Fully British-built TT bike for Norton by 2017
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RE: Fully British-built TT bike for Norton by 2017
I was thinking the same, a bog standard Aprilia rsv with a pilot like Cam Donald would do better than the Norton, I know Cam looks to have maybe slowed a little in the last few years but I still feel he'd do better on a stock Aprilia. Doesn't make any sense, it's a shame Triumph don't make a bigger sports bike it would also be a good engine to stick in that Norton, maybe Norton should ditch what they have now with the Aprilia and go with the 600 class and use a Triumph 675 engine in it, but no straight through exhaust as a gimmick this time. It's looking more likely now that the old Norton from the 90's will lap in the Manx quicker than what they have today. It's a bit like saying an old Rc30 lapping quicker than mcpint's current bike, I know it's not the same comparison with Honda's pedigree but it's still a bit crazy.
23-06-2015, 12:04 AM
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