Superbike Record Pace
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Superbike Record Pace
Sorry, but I accidentally posted this item on 'Michael Dunlop' thread, so here it is as a separate 'stand alone' thread.

Ref Sundays Superbike race, unofficially I had Michael D, Glen Helen to Glen Helen on laps 5/6 at
17m 08.29sec or 132.09mph.

On the last lap Michael was in with a chance of bettering Bruce Anstey's outright lap record of 17m..06.682sec or 132.298mph.

On schedule at all the previous sectors, he needed to be at Cronk ny Mona around about Bruce's record time of last year..which was 16m..08.420sec.

He arrived there at ....16m..08.362sec.

Unfortunately as we now know, it was to go 'belly up' at The Nook' for Michael - thankfully without major injury.

Given ideal conditions for Fridays Senior, the 133mph lap, or very close to it could be a possibility, albeit a somewhat remote one.....with any one of four or five riders being 'in the frame' to achieve it.
                    ............the magical time required is a minimum 17m..01.2sec  (133.008mph)

(Please note my figures are strictly unofficial & subject to correction!!!!!!)
07-06-2015, 11:04 PM
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