Yamaha Launch their 2017 YZF-R6
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Yamaha Launch their 2017 YZF-R6
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New improvements for 2017 model

Yamaha released their new YZF-R6 on Thursday the 13th of October and there are quite a significant number of changes on the new machine that fans of the bike are sure to love.

For 2017 Yamaha have completely restyled their iconic middleweight supersport bike to make it look more like their latest YZF-R1. There will be a higher degree of controllability in a wide range of conditions, as the bike is equipped with an advanced Traction Control System (TCS) that is adjusted by a switch on the handlebars. It comes equipped with a newQuick Shift System (QSS) that gives faster gear changing. The system instantly cancels drive torque when an upshift is detected, enabling full throttle clutchless upshifts for outstanding acceleration through the close ratio 6-speed transmission.

The 2017 YZF-R6 features new KYB upside down forks that are used on the YZF-R1. They are large diameter 43mm tubes compared to the 41mm used on the previous model in order to give a more planted feel, particularly during braking and cornering. The front wheel axle has also increased in diameter to 25mm for optimized handling.

The new YZF-R6 also benefits from the use of a YZF-R1 type radial front brake system that is one of the most advanced systems fitted to any Yamaha production bike. Dual 320mm discs are equipped with aluminium 4-pot opposed piston calipers to give outstanding feel together with remarkable stopping power.

A newly designed seat and rear subframe increase rider mobility. Manufactured from strong and light CF die-cast magnesium, the subframe is 20mm narrower at the front, allowing the rider to tuck in more closely to the tank for improved aerodynamics.

Another significant change for 2017 is the newly designed aluminium fuel tank. Its lightweight and streamlined to enable the rider to grip the bike firmly and find an ideal position to match their physique and riding style and weighs 1.2 kg less that its steel equivalent.

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