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RE: Start Numbers
(28-06-2018, 02:10 PM)c iom tt Wrote: Its a complete and utter fiasco. New spectators dont know what they are missing with the old system, that said, the current 'event crowd' only seem interested in the top few riders anyway, almost like they are there, just so they can say they were!
The problem is, the current hierarchy will NEVER admit that they are wrong, so we are stuck with what we have.
What makes matters worse is the announcements for changes to program.
Tim Glover seems to think its a game off speed bingo, and reads it that quick, its nigh on impossible to mark down.
I have said this before. Its not my TT anymore, its theirs. Splashdown has chosen to no longer go, and I fully understand and respect that decision. I on the other hand have continued to go.
This year, I was at Glen Helen ( oddly very quite compared to previous years). There were twelve of us sitting on the wall, just before the entrance.
I was the only person with a radio and a program. How you can even think about watching the race without a radio is bonkers, but maybe they were newcomers and they didnt know?
I watched the Senior from the field by the 11th Milestone. Its never very busy there, as there no facility's what so ever ( never bothered me as I come stocked up, and can always pee in a hedge).
This year, apart from the marshals, there was about 6 bikes, and about 6 cars. A Sprinter van turned up just before road closure with about 8-10 people in it. The first thing the done was to take a minifridge out, pluged it in to a generator and filled it with beer.
None of them watched the sidecar race, and for the Senior,they only went to the hedge to watch the first few riders go past each lap, before they went back to there 'party'.
I can sit and shake my head, and moan about spectators like this.the VIP cars etc, etc, but I have to keep reminding myself
This isn't your TT anymore, its theirs.
Couldn't have put it better,myself.And the MGP /pseudo Classic TT is going the same way
28-06-2018, 03:41 PM
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