I'd return to TT if I could do 250mph on Sulby Straight - Guy Martin
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I'd return to TT if I could do 250mph on Sulby Straight - Guy Martin
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Maverick motorcyle racing hero Guy Martin has revealed what might entice him to return to competing in the TT.

Guy, 38, said he is ’sick to the back teeth of racing boring motorbikes.’

But he added that if he was allowed to ride higher horsepower machines and be the first person to do 250mph ’down Sulby Straight I’d be there like a shot.’

The man who raced at the TT for years, and is regarded by many as the best rider who never won a race on the course, said he might change his mind if he could ride a more powerful machine.

More than 150 people attended a charity event on Saturday at the Comis Hotel, Mount Murray, billed as ’An Evening with Guy Martin’.

It was in aid of the Huntington’s Disease Association Isle of Man and raised thousands of pounds for the charity.

Guy refused to take any fee for the event, which he attended with his partner Sharon and young daughter Dottie.

Members of the audience were given the chance to go on stage with Guy and ask questions.

One controversially asked if he would be doing TT 2020.

He immediately said: ’No, definitely not.’

But then he added: ’Until they do something with the rules mate I’ve no interest, not one interest, definitely not.’

He then pointed out that he had been talking on the same subject earlier with someone.

It was suggested: ’’What if they changed the rules to allow you to do anything on a motorbike, would you come back?’

He told Saturday night’s audience: ’I would come back, I’d be here like a shot.

’I’d probably not win but I would want to be the first to do 250mph down Sulby Straight, or something like that.

’I’m just sick to the back teeth of racing boring motorbikes.

’That’s why I got out of it, but now I’ve got out of it I realise I should have stopped years ago.

’The same boring motorbikes mate, there’s nothing interesting going on.

’I’m sure racing is fantastic and it’s great from a spectator point of view, but the only reason I miss motorbikes is to scare the s*** out of myself.

’I’m not racing round the TT course thinking what I am going to have for tea.

’I’m not really in the right frame of mind to be going racing because there is nothing there to grab my attention.


’If there was something there to grab my attention I would be there like a shot.

’By racing a 500 horsepower superbike around the TT, that would grab my attention, then I would be there.’

Guy has since forged a successful career presenting TV documentaries for Channel 4 around the world and written a string of successful books about his projects.

He was asked by an audience member about any quirky memories of being in the TT.

He recalled the time when after an evening’s practice session in the TT he stayed the night in a field instead of returning to the grandstand.

Asked if his story was ever to be made into a film what Hollywood actor should play him, he suggested Brad Pitt.

Guy was also asked about whether he would consider swapping his mechanic’s gear for ’sequins and a fake tan’ to be on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing.

He replied: ’My lifestyle does not need something like that.

’I don’t look like a rock star.

’I drive a van and a Volvo estate and the last thing I want to be is famous.’

He was also asked about Top Gear - he was once at the centre of speculation linking him to the show.

But Guy said he had no interest in it.

He said: ’If I was to do Top Gear it would become a way of life. I enjoy my life as it is, it is enjoyable.’

The audience tucked into a meal inspired by Guy Martin himself. They started with poppadoms, followed by curry and rice. They then enjoyed bread and butter pudding and finished off with coffee and custard cream biscuits.

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