Classic Race Tyres
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Classic Race Tyres
I’m planning to get my BSA B50 road racer out of the garage and race it for the first time in 8 years! During that time no doubt both classic racing tyre technology and manufacturers have changed. I’m completely out of touch with those changes, so I’d (hopefully) like to gain from the more contemporary knowledge of my fellow forum members. The tyre combination that worked for me in the past was a Dunlop KR825 275/375-18 on the front and an Avon AM22 110/80-18 on the rear. As the B50 isn’t known for its power output I was thinking of going smaller on the rear, even considering a KR825 as they grip well. However I’ve since learned the KR825 is no longer available, so any informed advice would be most welcome.
19-04-2022, 10:20 AM
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