Imatra this weekend
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Imatra this weekend
Imatranajo this weekend, there's pay feed this year -

The full provisional IRRC (International Road Racing Championship) Imatranajo Superbike/Supersport entry-lists, read as follows:
Special thanks to Jan Vavra for compiling the following information.
(Title sponsor located near racer’s name)
Lukas Maurer – Maurer Racing
Nico Muller – Muller Motorsport by Edeka Meisel
Michael Dunlop – MD Racing
Pontus Roestlinger – PoEm Racing
Ville Valtonen – Team Sensetec
Heikki Mannila – DRM ProMoto
Rene MIkvy – ZD-Motorsport
Eemeli Lahti – IPR Moto Racing
Didier Grams – G&G Motorsport by BMW Motorrad
Luca Gottardi – Syntainics Racing by Penz13

Rhys Hardisty – Never Be Clever Racing
Markus Karlsson – Hoffmann by MRP
Lukas Karlsson – Karlsson Motorsport
Erno Kostamo – 38 Motorsport by Penz13
Lasse Karki – Team Vuokrakontti
Johannes Schwimmbeck – KFZ-Schwimmbeck #44
Jakub Sprojcar – TTRace
Anssi Koski – AK 51 Racing Team
David Datzer – Datziii Racing by TW3 Racing
Kenny Koskinen – HRT Racing

Darryl Tweed – Never Be Clever Racing
Reinhard Strack – Mogli Racing Team
Mike Ceuppens – Texas Motors
Rob Van Eijs – Van Eijs Technical Support
Stephane Bednarek – B.B. Team
Olivier Lupberger – Team Moto Meile
Emil Krchnavy – ZD-Motorsport
Jorn Hamberg – Performance Racing Achterhoek
Christoph Kreller – KRC Racing Crew
Come Geenen – 100 % Moto Brussels

Wally Jacobs – NN Racing
Tiziano Rosati – Holy Hemp Racing Team
Laurent Hoffmann – Hoffmann by MRP
Andreas Jochum –
Jean-Luc David – Passion Vitesse
Thierry Brunel – Thierry Brunel
Rene Grundei – ZSG Racing

Miika Viiperi – Track Punk Racing
Gary Johnson – Team Schleizer Dreieck
Nicolas Therouin – ProSpeed MotoSport
Ilja Caljouw – Performance Racing Achterhoek
Olli Konttinen – OKKE Racing
Mikko Uski – Team Vuokrakontti
Thomas Wendel – Racing Team
Rico Vetter – VRP Vetter Racing Performance
Rhys Hardisty – Never Be Clever Racing
Juho Kantola – Ducati JK36 Racing

Karel Brandtner – Blue Garage Racing
Sebastian Frotscher – Team Schleizer Dreieck
Marek Cerveny – WRP Wepol Racing Parts
Adam McLean – Performance Racing Achterhoek
Darryl Tweed – Never Be Clever Racing
Roman Bocek – Beton transport
Erno Kivimaki – OKKE Racing
Michael Mace – Mike Mace Racing
Petr Najman – Laserscanning Europe by PSB Motorsport
Jyri Kuosa – KSJ Racing

Sami Siimesto – Mc Huhmari Ry
Osvaldas Lazdauskas – KreditoSaurus Racing
Niko Lehtiranta – Lehtiranta Racing
Lukas Vaclavovic – TTRace – Motorcycle Clothes
Jamie Williams – JLG/NCE Racing
Niko Tanskanen – HRT Racing
Erik Kjuus – Aware Moto Racing
Aku Korhonen – Pikku2-Racing
Brian Fuidge – Royal Navy Royal Marines Road Race Team
Peter Lionel – Team Peter Racing

Romain Cleaz-Savoyen – RCS Team
Mauro Poncini – Delmo Racing
Wesley Ankersmid – Performance Racing Achterhoek
Magdalena Weintritt – F.C Moore Isle of Man
03-07-2024, 06:38 PM
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RE: Imatra this weekend
Surprised to see MD on the start list - is this his first run there?

Also note long time IOM sponsor Colin Moore has a rider in the Supersport
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03-07-2024, 11:15 PM
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RE: Imatra this weekend
Michael competed there in 2022, Hicky last year.
Highlights of race 1 here -
& race 2 -
04-07-2024, 06:53 AM
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RE: Imatra this weekend
MD gonna be a busy lad, imatra this weekend then straight over to the island for Mondays first practice at the southern 100.

Maybe he's a guest rider in another team, like he did in 22, it's tight on logistics getting from Finland on Sunday evening to isle of man for Monday afternoon.

See you on the island
04-07-2024, 11:19 AM
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RE: Imatra this weekend
I was wondering how he would do it.....Erno Kostamo too

Long live real road racing!!
04-07-2024, 08:03 PM
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