RaceGuard update (nearly there)
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RaceGuard update (nearly there)
It seems to have taken forever to get the Charity registration number but....

....I've spoken to the Charity Commission this morning and Caroline Jones (New Applications officer)assured me that the charity number will be issued by the end of this week. The amendment they asked for, to the Constitution, has been done and all the Trustees have signed the relevant documents.

....but, as I go on holiday on Friday for two weeks I have asked her to send any correspondence through to Kev.

Once the charity number has been received Iain Forrest, Andy Porter and Gary Christian will be able to obtain the Manx registration automatically, within another week, so we should have both before MGP race week.

It just shows how things should have worked if the "CC" hadn't lost mail sent in April....they apologised but it cost us 3 months.

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14-08-2006, 09:33 PM
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