Anyone for a Dance

Anyone for a Dance
Take your partners please for the Bradan Bridge Rumbasmilie

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30-06-2008, 05:13 PM
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RE: Anyone for a Dance
What definable positions do these "marshalls" actually hold ??

I counted 11 vestys at Braddan in total and surely they must all have different jobs.

Doctors, nurses, blood transfusion lab technicians, concrete dust layers, flag men, and of course a marshall or two ????

I would like to know how a group like this is put together and why so many are needed at these selected spots........

A similar number was at Ballacraine last year (I have a photo) and it appears that there are some sections with a lot of people in fluorescent vests, and at other places we see only two.

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30-06-2008, 06:04 PM
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RE: Anyone for a Dance
There was also two sat across the road, five in the corner in front of the grave yard and I don't know how many at the Oak tree but there was a few.
30-06-2008, 06:13 PM
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RE: Anyone for a Dance
On behalf of the Ballacraine Crew I will attempt to answer.

We usually allocate 2 IMC Trained (If we have them) Marshals for a rider initially and more if stretcher needed, 2 Marshals for a bike (assuming only one bike), 1 for Dust Spreading, 1 for Sweeping, 1 for Fire Extinguisher and 1 (Flag Trained) who has an unofficial but very useful set of flags and 1 official flag man just before Ballacraine.

So 9 in total, but then factor in the newbies who can't, until they have done 10 Sessions, be included in the min manning figures that come to Ballacraine and seem to enjoy it and stay with us year on year. So as some Marshals retire or don't come for a year we still have those new ones who are trained for the following TT.

I think one day there was around 14/15 of us however officially we were only just at min manning levels. Also these photos can make a situation look good, we have 4 or 5 marshals with us before the roads close but these guys then move to Ballaspur and to the official flag position before Ballacraine.

Finally some people don't turn up everyday so you have to make sure you are covered.

Don't forget people can go where they like and seems a lot like Ballacraine however if a point does call up as being short of Marshals and we are very over crewed we do ask our own Marshals if they will cover another point and they have done on many an occasion.

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