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Five months since suffering horrific injuries in his near fatal accident at olivers Mount, former british champion Garry stll faces a long ahead. He had a check up with his consulatnt Mr Tadross 12THDec. after numerous x-rays he was told both arms are still broken and possibly further surgery at a later date.

Its a blow but I'm positive and just taking one day at a time, my consultant is happy and cant believe how well I've done, I owe so much to my girlfriend Gaynor who has done so much for me. I'd love to remain involved in the sport in some capacity, its been my life for so long but together with Gaynor we will get through this and plan to run our own team
Motor cycling, mountain climbing and bull fighting are the only true sports. All the rest are childrens games played by adults.
13-12-2008, 01:40 PM
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hiya yoof, lovely to see you two last night, and glad you enjoyed the few hours of putting the world to rights smilie
you're going to have to start a strict draught guinness regime, same as i did, and get that weight back on again. speak soon and keep mending.
ACU? why not add "nt" to the end, you'll get the idea!
14-12-2008, 08:58 PM
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