Post classic 4 stroke eligibility
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RE: Post classic 4 stroke eligibility
As far as I knew they were only letting current TT riders into the Classic and Post Classic races. Which I dont have too much of a problem the classic races have been consistantly dominated by TT riders pretty much since there inception (Bob Heath, Bob Jackson, Ryan, Jason Griffiths, Bill Swallow, Milky, Glen English, have all raced in the TT on the same year they competed in the manx, to name but a few)........

Other than that I believe ex tt riders can enter the Lightwieght, which again I think is a good idea.....Lightweight entries have been dwindling and if we want to keep 2-strokes at the manx (which i most certainly do) then somebody will have to race them......People talk about riders like Lougher and Palmer doing it but as far as I know neither will be eligilbe unless they stop riding at the tt (and presumably now the Billown TT 125 and 250 races as they are an official TT) for a number of years. Surely letting people come back on a 250 will just allow some of the better riders who graduated to the Lighweight TT only to find it dissapeared to come back and race.... surely a good thing...

The main problem with the TT riders in the classic classes is that they usually come equipped with a factory bike.....they arent really any better than the regular manx riders, but they come on bikes with a 15mph top speed advantage, an unlimited budget and factory ex TT rider on a modern 250 can only ride bikes that anyone can buy and they certainly dont cost £35,000. People wont pay professional riders to do the lightweight as it's not the 'premier' world wide event for that machine in the same way that the classic races are the premier event for those bikes. Nobody will make any money from selling 250s!
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