Coming soon...
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Coming soon...
Hi All..!

It is now less than 4 months until 1st MGP Practice..!!! Just fair warning this crazy Yank is coming back, one way or another..! I am selling everything I can to fund my trip... but I WILL be there..!!! And I got prezzies for a few of you chaps....

Oh yes, the "Green Monster" (again) peeed race gas all over a pal of mine... gas tank issues part 2..! (a new proper gas tank gets made soon).

BUT we got our first two podiums this last weekend at Willow Springs Raceway.. a 3rd and a 2nd. (behind a WSB Champion, no less..!!)

Long Live the MGP..!!!!!!


27-04-2009, 11:53 PM
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RE: Coming soon...
Well done to you both for a cracking race at Willow Spring. I knew Brian Filo was the man for the Job for sure. Remember that name im trying to get him over for MGP 2010,s Post Classic Race. Again congrats Gold Star Ron Racing 2nd and a 3rd at Willow Springs 2009.
Hope to make Laguna MotoGP so will see you both then all the best Irish Ago.....smilie
28-04-2009, 01:04 PM
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