The Antiques Roadshow @ Brooklands 31st May.....all welcome!
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The Antiques Roadshow @ Brooklands 31st May.....all welcome!
Since joining the TT Forum, a number of members have contacted me with information about my father ,H.J.(Bert) Bacons', TT and other early 1920s/30's motoring career .

Thank you RichieRich , Sean Kelly, Bill Snelling ,Don Simons et al.

On the 31st of May , the BBC's Antiques Roadshow will be at BROOKLANDS and I am taking this information gathered, along with Berts' 2 Bemsee Gold Stars, some 16mm footage of early 1929/30s' Motoring,pictures and other motoring memorabilia for appraisal.

The British Motor Cycle Racing Club, who awarded the Gold Stars for lapping Brooklands banked racing track , at over 100mph, celebrated its' Centenary last month and initially was called The Brooklands Motor Cycle Racing Club.The Museum at Brooklands has a unique Collection of 1907-1930's early motor racing, working machines and Trophies from this Age of Speed and Endurance record setting and breaking.

All entries for appraisal of antiques and memorabilia are welcome and free, on the 31st of May @ Brooklands , in Weybridge , Surrey

for the Antiques Roadshow ....who can be contacted in advance at.....

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